How not to work out

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Got this in my e-mail from Mike B.

Last Map Post

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Some rather clever individuals took on the call from Miss South Carolina and created a site to collect maps for our children…. to collect ANY map.. all maps.. if you have any maps sitting around, feel free to post them :)

My favorite is the Map to One Eyed Willie’s Treasure (first one who names the reference wins a prize…. not really, but I’ll think you’re cool):

Map To One Eyed Willie’s Treasure

Tube Map for Miss South Carolina

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Many BoingBoing readers sent in copies of this lovely Tube Map, composed for Miss South Carolina after her most inspirational speech at a recent beauty pageant about the people of Iraq and Such As. Link to full-size at Morning Toast blog, and better grab a hanky before you watch that video Mark posted earlier. (thanks, Method77, Nev Cornforth, Rick P.)

Microsoft Bought Sweden's ISO Vote on OOXML?

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Just another example of the bullying and strong arm tactics that Microsoft resorts to when they can’t get what they want based on merit. The sad part is that this isn’t even surprising anymore since they’ve pulled so many similar tricks in the past.

From Slashdot:

a_n_d_e_r_s writes “The vote on OOXML looked fairly secured. Most in the Working Group in Sweden was against the vote to approve OOXML. The day of the vote, though, more companies showed up at the door. Some 20 new companies — each one payed about $2500 to be allowed to vote — and vote they did … for Microsoft. Most of the new companies were partners from Microsoft who suddenly out of the blue joined the Working Group, payed membership fees and voted yes for approval. From the OS2World story: ‘The final result was 25 Yes, 6 No and 3 Abs and this would from the start be a done deal of saying No! Jonas Bosson who participated in today’s meeting on behalf on FFII said that he left the meeting in protest and so did also IBM’s Swedish local representative Johan Westman.'”

Candidate for Rand McNally Spokesmodel

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Cool Steampunk Eye Thingy

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An ingenious crafter in the UK has built a way cool steampunk ocular thingy and is selling it on eBay.

Steampunk Ocular Thingy


Microsoft really doesn't care about your Internetz

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Here is a follow-up to the last Tuesday’s article about Vista slowing down your networking if you do something so amazingly intensive as (GASP!) listening to music on your computer.

From Slashdot:

quirdan writes “With the discovery last week of the connection between Vista’s poor networking performance and audio activities, word quickly spread around the Net. No doubt this got Microsoft’s attention, and they have responded to the issue. Microsoft states that ‘some of what we are seeing is expected behavior, and some of it is not'; and that they are working on technical documentation, as well as applying a slight sugar coating to the symptoms. Apparently they believe an almost 90% drop in networking performance is ‘slight,’ only affects reception of data, and that this performance trade-off is necessary to simply play an MP3.”

This information and exhibited behavior really shores up the arguments of Peter Gutmann in his Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection. What it comes down to is that the considerable amount of code that is in Windows Vista simply to stop bad people from copying High Definition video completely degrades every other part of Windows.

Because of the DRM mechanisms in Vista:

  • All of our computer hardware is getting more expensive
  • Vista users have to replace their video cards and monitors to play high definition video (without artificially degraded quality)
  • Vista users have to replace their video cards to play the latest games (those requiring DirectX 10.2 support)
  • You have to double the amount of RAM you buy to have decent performance
  • 10% – 50% of your processor is taken up just doing content protection activities
  • You will suffer 90% degradation in network performance if you listen to music.

All of this regardless of the fact if you want to play high definition content or not– there’s no way to turn the protections off and just stick with regular video watching!

No thanks… I’m not buyin.

Ten amazing bod mods

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BoingBoing had a link to a gallery of 10 intense body modification enthusiasts.

Extreme Body Modification Extreme Body Modification Extreme Body Modification

A couple I’ve seen on other sites/posts, but they are still pretty shocking. Aside from effecting your interactions with everybody else on the planet, most of these look horribly uncomfortable.Here is the link to the full list

Note: It looks like the site is overloaded. Here is a Google Cache of the page. Hopefully that will work until the real site comes back up.

The Only Flowchart You Will Ever Need

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Which is a good thing, because they’re getting kinda stale :)

Lefe Lessons Flowchart

Seen on The Fishbowl

The Ultimate Flow Chart

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…with the ultimate combination of FlowCharts and LoLCats!

(click thumbnail for full size)